Disney Dreamin’

As I sit at work, reality is beginning to settle in and I am missing my second home more than ever. Whilst looking back on my most recent trip to the most magical place on this earth, the motivation to reach my dreams of working for Disney is becoming stronger with each glance at the castle.¬†I know that some people wonder how Disney can mean so much to me, and it is almost impossible to explain why a photo of Walt Disney can make me emotional. The joy and happiness that Disney has given me throughout my childhood and challenging times through growing up is difficult to count up. Disney isn’t just for children, adults need just as much happiness and faith, if not more than children do. The first time I watched Tangled was when I realised just how much Disney meant to me. I just cannot wait for all my exams to end and finally be able to focus on my future and what it is I want to do for the rest of my life!

Now that I have done the soppy introduction of how much I love Disney, I’ll get on to my actual trip! Even though travel took us almost 15 hours each way due to travelling by coach and facing the motion sickness that a ferry can do, nothing could take away from how magical this trip to Disneyland Paris really was. We had two full days in the park, and it was a struggle to fit everything in, but with all of the new additions to the park such as Ratatouille land and The Forest of Enchantment, as well as experiencing Swing Into Spring for the first time, I made sure to see everything that I’ve never seen before! Seeing all the flowers and meeting the characters again made me more than happy, and watching Disney Dreams on the castle made me cry a few tears as always! But one of the best parts was having Peter Pan blow me a kiss from the parade float, of course! Sadly I didn’t get to meet him on this trip and was graced with Captain Hook instead!

As I plan my next trip and price everything up, I will leave you with some of my favourite photos! Thank you for reading! x