Playlist of the month | August

This is going to be a monthly feature on my blog from now on! As music is one of my main loves, I have decided to each month create a playlist of some of the songs that I am LOVING!

So this month, I am beginning to get a bit tired of summer, or what we had of it here in England, and I am anticipating Autumn so much right now! I just want it to be the season of wearing baggy jumpers, dresses with thick black tights, coming into a warm home when it’s chilly outside and drinking a warm cup of coffee, stepping on crunchy leaves.

That means my pre-autumn vibes are rubbing off in my music choices. I am really digging the acoustic artists right now and how relaxing they are while you’re reading or doing daily tasks!

I’m also loving Irish artists right now, more importantly a singer/songwriter called Dermont Kennedy. He only has three songs on Spotify at the moment, but on his Instagram he is apparently writing and recording new stuff! His song An Evening I Will Never Forget is just breathtakingly beautiful. The raw emotion that he conveys through his voice is something I don’t think I will ever get over!

Of course a playlist wouldn’t be right without a few classics, so in there I have included Fast Car by Tracey Chapman which is one of my all time fave’s, as well as Dreams by Fleetwood Mac! Also, The Kooks, The Courteneers and Joy Division are included because I’m loving the indie vibes right now.

You will notice a song that will make you question, ‘did she mean to include this?’. That is Sucker For Pain from the new Suicide Squad film! I am absolutely obsessed with this film as well as the absolutely awesome album! That soundtrack is completely on point.

Finally, I have included Toothpaste Kisses by The Maccabees. This month, they have announced that they are splitting up, which is seriously so sad! Therefore, I felt it was only right to include their wonderful music in this months playlist to remember how amazing their music is! I can’t wait to see what their solo project’s will bring.

If you want to check out my playlist, click here!

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Day Out In Birmingham

I ventured out of the house last Friday and went to Birmingham with my boyfriend for our 2 year anniversary! We booked tickets for the SeaLife centre as I had never been before! As we arrived early to Birmingham, we decided to explore Birmingham for a few hours before we had to go to our allotted time slot! PS- I did take all photos on my iPhone, so if the quality isn’t top notch, that would be why!

Currently, I’m on a budget, but Ben (my boyfriend), decided he wanted to do a bit of spending! So Jack Wills was our first destination and of course I had to take a photo because just look at that chandelier!


Our food of choice was Eat. as they do affordable yet really tasty food! And they also do the BEST pink lemonade I have ever tasted so that’s always a bonus!

just eat 2


I had to pull myself away from the makeup counters, especially Urban Decay. I was crying inside. Everything else I definitely couldn’t afford, let alone a Naked palette!


Once Ben had finished his first half of the shopping trip, (which felt like a year!), we made our way to the SeaLife centre and it was such a pretty walk! My local town is Walsall, and it is nothing special! So whenever I travel to Birmingham, it never fails to amaze me!

I’ve never been to the SeaLife centre before, so as it was my first time everything was so cool! The little tunnel where all the fish are swimming around you is rather amazing, (although little children run around your feet and everybody is taking selfies with the fishes…). Besides that, it was a really awesome place to go! However, I don’t think I’d pay £12 to go again, just a bit pricey in my opinion!

Finally, we ended the trip with a bit more shopping, before exploring Grand Central and all the awesome food stands and shops they have to offer! Although I’ve been to Birmingham since Grand Central has been open, I’ve never seen the second floor and looked at what they have to offer! Needless to say, I was rather amazed!

All in all, it was a great day out and I enjoyed our second anniversary together exploring and adventuring, which is what we both love to do!

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Instagram | #1

I’m going to do a weekly review of my Instagram posts because I think its a fun lil way to keep updated on my weeks and for myself to remember what the heck I’ve actually been doing with my life!

This was a night where I was reading the new Harry Potter and The Cursed Child whilst watching Gossip Girl. Now my Saturday nights are free, this is usually how you will find me; reading a book, watching Gossip Girl with a glass of wine right next to me! How exciting for a newly 18 year old, I know!

I took the photo of the Birmingham Library on Friday when I went for a day out with my boyfriend (there will be a blog post!) and yes, it is as amazing as you think it would be! I’m so excited to be able to travel to Birmingham more as of next month when I start university! Its such an amazing city and all just a train ride away!

I cut a messy fringe in! I’m also messing around with my hair and can never decide what to do with it! Last month I had brown/pink hair, this month I have highlights and a full fringe! Who knows what next month could bring!

Once again, another photo from Birmingham! This time it is of Grand Central which is absolutely amazing! I have never been on the top floor and all the food it offers is just amazing! They have sushi bar’s, Vietnamese food stand, and my favorite; BUBBLE TEA STAND! The only issue is, which food choice do you pick first?!

This photo was actually from a blog post that I don’t think I’m going to upload, but it is The Great Gatsby which I’ve just recently purchased! I needed to add a few classics to my book collection. Only issue is I need to find the space to store all of my books now! Oops.

Just an upload of a photo from my previous blog post, July Favorites. A bit of self-promo never hurt anybody!

I went to see Finding Dory finally! My boyfriend treated me to a cinema date and Finding Dory was everything I has wished for and more! Obviously we had to end the day with a Costa whilst keep repeating, ‘Hi, I’m Dory. I suffer from short term memory loss!’.

I did my hair and make-up and was rather proud of it so its just your regular selfie right here!

Once again, this was a photo from a never-going-to-be-posted blog post! I’m so excited to read this book since its going to be made into a film! I better get reading I guess!

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July Favorites!

July is always particularly a good one for me as its my birthday month! July 2016 has been full of new memories, travelling to new destinations and finding new favorites! In particular, my favorite moments of this month would have to be camping with my boyfriend where we travelled to Brean and Weston Super Mare, my 18th birthday and going to Barmouth! Along the way of this month, I have also found a few other favorites, including makeup, technology, books, tea and other random finds! So lets get right into it!

My first favorite of this month is the Barry M Limited Edition Super Natural eyeshadow palette. I actually had this product for Christmas off my mom, but have only just started using it properly! I absolutely LOVE it! With a mix of matte, shimmery, pale nudes to bold dark’s, its perfect for everyday use! I have found myself particularly loving the shimmery orange and matte brown shade! Using these two shades over my Light Beige Kiko eyeshadow which I will link here, it gives an amazing natural daytime smoky eye! As for the pinks, they are so subtle and pretty and can work great as just a base over the eyelid with mascara, or blended with the brown to give a once again, subtle smoky eye! The best thing about it also, is that Barry M don’t test on animals! Smiles all around from me! -I’m also not sure if Superdrug sell this anymore as this was a Superdrug Limited Edition product!-

This is a strange favorite, but has to be included in this blog post! This month I had to get new glasses as my old ones were too weak! Although I got a case for my glasses from Boots Opticians, I saw this in Home Bargains (which has amazing products and stuff like this for soo cheap!). Although tagged as a sunglasses pouch, I decided they would also work for my glasses and keep them safe! I absolutely love it so much and the design is so cute with the different swimming positions! I think I paid about £1 or £1.99 for this, but either way, COMPLETELY worth it!


A skin care favorite of this month is ASDA’s own range of skin care products, The Skin System. After seeing many bloggers and vloggers recommending foaming face washes, I decided trying some myself! My skin has been so bad this month and I have had such bad breakouts on my chin! So I decided to swap my exfoliating face wash which was rather harsh for my skin, and replaced it with this! After using it for a few weeks I’m absolutely loving it and the feel of my skin after using it! Its such a soft formula and doesn’t feel like you’re ripping a layer of your skin off! I’ve also noticed a dramatic difference in how less oily my skin actually looks! Definitely sticking to foaming face wash from now on!

This is a 2 in 1 favorite since I took the photo of my diary like that! So, starting with the journal, I picked up this cute diary from ASDA in the stationary section (my favorite department!). The design is super cute and summery, with lilies, flamingos and palm leaves. I needed a new academic diary for University in September and decided to get this one. It is divided into times and has a page specifically for a day which I love because I get more space to write about my ventures for a particular busy day!

My second favorite featured in the picture is the app Afterlight. Since becoming more involved in my Instagram and blog, I decided I need to start sticking to a theme on my IG and perhaps make my images look more professional, foccusing on the lighting and brightness etc. And this app was the most recommended app on the AppStore for those sort of things! So I decided to try it out and I’m loving it! With a simplistic design for editing photos and not being complicated like most photography app’s are, it helps me discover what edits are best for each photo I upload which I didn’t know before! On the AppStore I believe this is 79p which isn’t bad at all I don’t think! They also have great themes to take advantage of!

My book favorite of this month is the recent film release and the book that many are speaking about, Me Before You by JoJo Moyes. Now romantic books are never really my thing and when I first started reading this book I was expecting romance from the get go! But I was completely wrong. The book is a whirlwind of emotions! Laughter, tears, sadness and a few more tears! I’m not going to include any spoilers of the book just incase any of you readers are waiting to read it and haven’t yet! But it is absolutely amazing and although I got a bit lost in the middle of it, it soon picks back up and you fall in love with William Traynor whilst getting an insight and view to every characters’ life throughout the book. If you’re looking for an easy read and wanting to get in touch with your emotions, I would completely recommend Me Before You! I’m considering purchasing the sequel to this, After You but I’m not too sure yet! If you have read the next book let me know whether it is worth purchasing or if I should just keep the story as it is!DSCF0141

Another favorite this month was Clippers’ Snore and Peace tea bags. This is the most amazing type of tea to drink just before settling down in to bed, and the smells of lavender mixed with chamomile is beyond relaxing and soothing. I never expected to like this tea because I’m used to your standard green and earl tea. But I surprised myself and absolutely loved it! I got this from ASDA for £2 and will definitely be purchased in the future again!

I have a few music favorites this month! They are Hozier, my new vinyl player and Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist. Firstly, I am loving Hozier’s self-titled album and has been on repeat since the beginning of this month! His voice and sound is so different to anything I have heard in years, and is soothing yet harshly emotional. I have also been listening to his other albums and EP’s and I am now determined to see him in concert whenever he tours! I found out about him obviously when he was in the charts with Take Me To Church, but also on my second music favorite, the Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify. If you don’t have Spotify, the Discover Weekly playlist is a collection of music that is recommended from artists and songs that you have searched. It is amazing for finding new artists for when your current music interest is getting a bit boring!

Finally, as it was my birthday this month, my fantabulous boyfriend and his family got me a vinyl player and The 1975 ‘I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It’ vinyl and I am absolutely loving it! The feeling of playing a record is so different to just putting an iPod into an Aux lead or putting a CD into a CD player. Its difficult to explain, but believe me, it feels so much better to listen to the music and see the record go round! I also have a couple vinyls from a few years ago such as Jimi Hendrix, The Eagles, Deep Purple. So I am occupied for a few months until I can purchase some more!

That is it for this month! I hope you have enjoyed this months favorites! If you have any favorites from this month, let me know in the comments section! I’d love to know some of my readers’ favorites of the months.

Thank you for reading! xxx

Summer Yankee Candle Haul!

Summer wouldn’t be summer without a range of wonderful smelling candles from my favorite range, Yankee Candles! Although my household has been an avid Yankee Candle customer since I can remember, I never had my own collection or set in my room; therefore I decided to finally purchase my own candle holder and a set of candles! So lets get straight into it!

I got all of my products on a trip to Barmouth. On the way there, we stopped off in Welshpool at The Old Station. In there was your typical cute little bits and bobs that you may only find on your travels, but whilst looking around I stumbled across a Yankee Candle stand and pretty much bought everything with the 30% price tag! I’m not too sure whether Yankee have a deal on everywhere or whether it was just this store in particular, but in this post I will use the prices off of the website!


To begin with, I decided to get a holder and the votive candles. This means that I get more choice of candles without spending too much! I picked out the Crosshatch Small Pillar Holder which cost £4.99. This particular one has a glass holder with the crosshatch design separately. So whether you can mix and match with similar designs I’m not sure? Either way it was the type that matched the theme of my room the best whilst also giving a bohemian feel!

The candles I bought all came in a house-like packaging which is absolutely adorable! The set comes with 6 candles and has a scent which everybody would love. Some actually remind me of smells I’ve experience in my life but can’t quite recall where! The retail price for the house of candles I shall call it was £10.99, where as I paid £7.69. I also bought an autumn/winter smelling candle called Pain Au Raisin just because it was 30% off and to die for! Originally, it is £1.80.


This specific collection includes:

  • Sicilian Lemon- £1.80
  • Riviera Escape- £1.80
  • Lavender- £1.80
  • Olive & Thyme- £1.80
  • Summer Peach- £1.80
  • Sea Salt & Sage- £1.80

The Sea Salt & Sage scent is most reminiscent to me as it reminds me of my dad’s aftershave that he wore when I was younger! It reminds me of whenever we were going out somewhere special with my family and he would literally put the whole bottle of it on! Particularly my favorites include the Summer Peach, Lavender and Sicilian Lemon!

These specific scents I feel can make you remember times in your life that you may not of remembered before you smell them! They can take you back to a particular time and make you feel all warm and safe! Also there is definitely something for everybody in this collection and within those candle choices, so if you’re just looking to start purchasing Yankee Candles, I’d start with one of these! The candles do smell how the name makes you expect them too!


I do hope you enjoyed this blog post and if you have any particular favorite candle from Yankee Candle, please let me know down in the comments section! I’m really wanting to buy more and find my true favorite scent! I will most likely do another one of these types of blog posts near winter time and Christmas because we all know that is when Yankee Candle are at their prime!
Thank you for reading and the constant support!
Liv xxx

Ridding of Negative Energy

Since not being at sixth form and being finished with revision, I have found myself in my free time, thinking a lot about the person I am, the type of person I wish to become, and the things that are holding me back. This has bought on numerous memories, remembering past friends and many experiences I have been through which still bring me down whenever I think about them. I know that life is going to be great from this point on, and how the future starts here with university and meeting new people, but I feel that ridding myself of negative energy is the only solution to me fully immersing myself into this new venture of my life! Therefore, I decided to create a blog post of how important it is to see through the past and come out the other-side a much more open minded human being!

To begin with, I have found the main negativity revolving around my life is trying to hold on to past friendships. I always find myself remembering the old times and laughs that I had with my then-friends, and wondering if there was anyway possible that those times could happen again. But then I begin to remind myself of the personality traits those people contained, both good and bad. I would remember arguments and moments in that friendship that made me think ‘do I even want this person in my life anymore?’. The truth is, if I had moments of questioning the friendship and whether I wanted them in my life then, I know that the answer to my wondering whether the friendship could ever happen again is not recommended. Also, I have been living my life perfectly fine, if not better without them involved in my day-to-day travels. I feel you have to just completely rid those people out of your life, even if that means to un-follow them on social media, walking another route to your destination, anything like that! These things take time but I feel that it will be worth it!

Another negativity in my life is caring too much what others think of me and whether I will be accepted the way I am. Now this is down to a confidence issue, but I have my own personal identity within me, my own way of living, opinions, interests, beliefs, I am unique! I should never be afraid of what others think, because I know that there are over 7 billion people on this planet and I know there will be a few of those who will accept the way I am! I already have a number of amazing people in my life who accept the way I was created and I can’t be more thankful and appreciative for them!

I have come a long way from the way I used to be. I am a happier and more optimistic human being. There a just a few little blips in the way of me being completely happy. I need to learn how to accept that the past is the past, and that I am me and should be proud of that. I should learn to change a negative situation into more of a positive no matter how difficult that may be. Don’t get me wrong, I was never on the path of being completely low and giving up, but I have indeed had my moments.

I understand what I need to do to become a happier individual and how to rid myself of this negative energy that constantly revolves any situation where I am alone and have time to think. People will always have a memory of the way you are or the way you used to be. Some of those you will never be able to change, but I am determined to make myself a better memory for people to remember me by. Of the person who I want to be remembered as; caring, loving and kind with a hint of fabulousity and wittiness.

As Goi Nasu once said:

“An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly, the negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you.”


I hope you enjoyed this quick blog post! Thank you for reading! xxx



What’s In My Makeup Bag!

This is going to be my first attempt at creating a beauty post about my makeup. We’ll see how it goes, I have high hopes! This is my makeup on those days where I’m not feeling heavy eye makeup and winged eyeliner. More of a natural look and attempt to ctreate a look that’s like, ‘Oh yeah, I naturally wake up like this!’ (insert Beyonce lyrics here).

Now, my makeup bag is going to be drastically different to other bloggers and youtubers who show their make up bag, as mine is not full of MAC products and Urban Decay. One reason is because I simply can’t afford it, two I like these brands and find most of their products amazing for their price and three, I use brands that I know don’t test on animals. Therefore, I am pretty sure that my make-up bag is cruelty free (if you know of brands throughout that do test on animals, please let me know!). Also, I set this blog up as a way for people to realise you don’t have to pay high prices to get good quality clothes, makeup, whatever. So that is what I am doing here! So lets get straight into it!

Base makeup


Products used:

  • MUA Skin Define Matte Perfect Foundation in Ivory
  • Essence All About Matte High Covering Concealer in 05 Ivory
  • Essence Mattifying Compact Powder in Pastel Beige

As you can see I have to use all the lightest shades, thanks pale skin! To start with, I put one-two pumps of the MUA Skin Define foundation on the back of my hand and mix with moisturiser, usually Soap and Glory body butter. The issue is with this foundation is that it is super thick and noticeably darker than my skin tone; therefore I found mixing it with moisturiser allowed it to apply with ease and more evenly! It still gives a great coverage as well so its smiles all around! I apply this with my foundation brush that I got from Superdrug for £4, I think that’s what I paid for it anyway! I then apply my Essence All About Matte concealer underneath my eyes, the edges of my nose and any other problem areas that I have, usually my chin! I use my ring finger to blend this in as I just find it to create a better coverage and put the product exactly where I want it! Finally I finish my base off with  my Mattifying powder from Essence again and this allows all the shiny areas on my face to be hidden and give a great base for my blusher and highlight!

Blusher and highlight


Products used:

  • Sleek Contour Palette in Light
  • Essence Silky Touch Blush 

Its no lie that I obsess over Sleek’s makeup! All of their products are brilliantly made and of such good quality, all for good prices! One of my all time favorite products is their contour palette. The bronzer and blush are perfect for my skin tone, as well as the highlight being subtle yet make me feel like a glowing fairy! I apply the bronzer just above my cheekbones to define them that bit more. As I have a round head shape, I find applying the bronzer above my cheekbones makes my face look thinner. I then apply my new Essence Silky Touch blush on the apples of my cheeks to give a fresh-faced glow. Finally, I apply the highlight above my cheekbones just above my bronzer, and bring it down just above the apple of my cheeks. I also apply it on the bridge of my nose, by my septum and cupids bow to define them just a little more!

DSCF0075     If I’m feeling bold and want a tad more definition in my highlight, I use my other Sleek palette which is the Precious Metals to get the ultimate ‘I want to be in Neverland and chill with Tinkerbell’ feel.




Products Used:

  • Sleek Volumising Mascara in Black 
  • Essence I Love Nude eyeshadow 
  • Essence Eyebrow Designer in Dark Brown 

This is my favorite part of my makeup bag- eyes! This is what I use for my natural simple days where winged eyeliner doesn’t do it for me. As a base, I apply my Essence eyeshadow which is the prettiest shade I have ever seen! With a subtle shimmer and a pale finish, this eyeshadow makes a perfect standalone colour for if you want to just glide a colour over your eyelids to give yourself a fresh faced looks! With this eyeshadow, you could also use it as a highlight! Alongside this I apply some of the highlight previously mentioned from the Sleek contour palette in the inner corners of my eyes to make them pop and appear more awake (quite frankly I could sleep at all times of the day!). Filling my eyebrows is something I have only recently started doing, but I am so glad I have. Through having dark hair and light eyebrows, it was only time that I should start filling them in. I bought a cheap eyebrow pencil as I didn’t want to spend too much just in-case I wasn’t going to use it! But since purchasing it I have used it everyday and I’ve noticed such a difference! I complete my eyes with my Sleek Volumising mascara which makes your lashes 10 times longer which is what I need!

That is what is in my makeup bag for those natural days, and I hope I did okay on my first beauty post! I will keep reading up on others’ and get more experienced with writing these type of posts, but I hope I did okay on my first attempt!

I hope I did okay and thanks for reading! xxx

The Little Things

I would like to take a little moment to apologise for my lack of posts! Exam season is finally done and after months of revision, rehearsals and stress, I am completely done with sixth form! So I am back and here to stay, doing what I truly enjoy which is writing blog posts, reading books and listening to new music!

Now I have done my explaining, the idea behind this blog post is inspired by youtuber/instagrammer Simply_Kenna. If you’re not sure who she is, I will link her Youtube page and instagram here and here. Her personality and lifestyle is truly inspirational through her beliefs and ideals, not to mention her instagram feed (it is pretty much life-changing how perfect it is!). If you’re interested, check out her sites!

Besides all this, through following her on social media for a while, her posts have made me realise how important it is to focus on the little things in life, as this can be what makes our lives happy! So, I sat down with a pen and paper and jotted down all the little things in life that make me unbelievably happy. I know that these are pretty accurate, as when I was writing them I was getting all excited and giddy about them! Here are my little things in life that create my ultimate happiness!

Early morning walks and bike rides
Whether this be sunny and warm with a slight breeze or a cold, grey and rainy morning, I absolutely adore early morning walks no matter what the season or weather. When the paths and roads are quiet and all you can hear is the birds tweeting from the trees, the crunch of leaves in the autumn from people getting their morning papers, this is when I feel most at ease and feel as if the world is at peace no matter what disruption is occurring in the world. It gives me calming feelings throughout the whole day.

for blog

Drinking alone in a coffee shop
I am a complete people watcher. Watching people go about their daily business’, wondering what their lives are like, whether they are happy, whether its their birthday soon, anything! I will look at a person and think about how they are doing and what they are like. Try it, you see anybody in the street, begin to wonder what their past may have been like, how their future is looking. It makes you feel like its not just you existing in this world and everybody walking around you actually do exist and just like you, have feelings and emotions.

The smell of books
There is just something absolutely magical about the smell of old and new books. The comfort they bring when you’re snuggling into your reading space, ready to explore a world that isn’t your own. Escaping the daily schedule and hustle and bustle that is your life. I sometimes feel that just the smell and feel of a book in your hands can be more calming then actually reading it!


Rain in a conservatory
Now, I am not sure whether you have ever experienced a storm in a glass conservatory, but getting cosy with the TV on, a cup of coffee or tea in your hand with a blanket draping you like a cape is one of the best feelings in the world. It is like experiencing everything that comes with the rain, but being in the comfort of your home and watching the raindrops link together and race each other down the window. The crashing of the rain on the roof getting harder and then softer as the rain slows down is my favorite on rainy days.

Listening to an artist/band for the first time
The feeling of listening to a song and getting halfway through and just thinking ‘this song is actually amazing and will be the theme tune for the rest of my life’ is one of my favorite. After this feeling I usually go ahead and listen to all of their albums, create a Spotify playlist of them and listen to them everyday for three months until I realise I have become slightly obsessed and need to calm down.

Finding ‘that’ quote
Its that one quote that you want tattooed on your entire body and never want to forget. At the moment, I have a few quotes that are like that to me. Currently, my favorite quote is ‘Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience’- Ralph Waldo Emerson. To me, this quote simply means there is no need to rush anything, and that anything meant to be good/perfect (although I believe nothing is perfect), will take its time.

Seeing that one person after ‘one of those days’
Now I don’t intend this to be cheesy, but seeing my boyfriend after a rough day at sixth form was my absolute favorite thing. Seeing his car just gave me a sense of relief and knowledge that everything is going to be okay and everything is only temporary (which indeed it was). In moments of arguments and my silly moods, he would always go along with it and actually put up with me, and its finding those types of people in your life that really makes everything worth it.

Long car journeys
People find it strange that I enjoy sitting in a car or coach for hours, daydreaming out the window, listening to music, but I love the feeling of traveling to an entirely new destination and experience new things. For example, on my trip to Disneyland Paris, I was stuck on a coach for 14 hours, maybe longer, but I could easily do it all over again. My favorite thing to also go alongside long car journeys is travel stations. I love getting a coffee and seeing so many people all in a place going in different directions, across the country and possibly across the world!


So there were my little things in life that create my ultimate happiness! I really recommend trying this, because it will make you realise just how much the little things can impact on your life and make everything that little brighter when you feel like everything is wrong!

Thanks for reading! xxx

Mini Body Shop Haul!

The Body Shop have been a favorite of mine for a number of years due to their amazing fragrances and the fact that they are against Animal Cruelty! I have always swore by their products from their lipstick’s to the shower gels, and always get them for events such as somebody’s birthday or Christmas presents! As it has been a while since I have purchased myself any products from one of my favorite stores, I decided to get some as I have 40% off and thought, why not!

The first product I bought was the Pink Grapefruit perfume and oh my DAMN I am truly in love with this product! Not only does it smell like Spring in a bottle, it stays on for hours and can last a whole day with a simple two squirts on your neck. My favorite kind of perfumes are the one’s where it smells like you’ve been living in a flower patch for months and it is still evident from the way you smell, and this certainly makes me feel like that!

IMG_2983 (2)
Pink Grapefruit Perfume- £8.50

The next product I bought was a first for me and after seeing so many people use them on Youtube and Instagram, I decided to start relatively cheap and try one out! Going for almost the darkest one, the Deep Berry Lip and Cheek Stain is surpassing many of my expectations and I’m actually quite liking it! Although, my issues with it is, when using it on my lips, it takes quite a while to dry and has an AWFUL taste. It is also quite blotchy and there are darker places than others once it has dried, so I have to go over it with a lipstick, making it more of an undercoat? Whether this is normal of all lip stains I’m not too sure, but either way, I will continue to use it for both my cheeks and lips!

IMG_2985 (2)
Deep Berry  Lip and Cheek stain- £12.00

Lip-gloss’s are never usually my thing. I am typically a lipstick person and a bit of sheen from a lipstick is as far as I will really go. But they do usually dry my lips out and so for a change, I decided to purchase the watermelon lip gloss just to put in my bag for school or everyday bag just to apply if I’m not particularly feeling precision and applying a lipstick perfectly (we all have them!). It is very thick and I have been wearing it over my lip stain and it is a great combination and gives a different colour! I’m currently really liking it and may purchase some of the other flavors!

IMG_2986 (2)
Watermelon Lip Gloss- £7.00

After running out of my favorite eyeliner (Barry M’s Liquid Eyeliner), I decided to purchase a new one from another brand. Having 40%, I thought why not, and purchased the Skinny Thin Felt Eyeliner and having the option of the thick or thin tip really troubled me. I’m somebody who likes thick eyeliner when they wear it, and I know you’re thinking ‘then why did you get the thin tip?’. I basically wanted to see if I was able to do thinner lines and how it would look, also I have never used a pen eyeliner. I have used the gel, but I usually prefer the bottles with the screw lid. I still do. I don’t think the pen eyeliner is for me at all and I really struggle to apply it compared. If you enjoy using pen eyeliners, this one is definitely for you and with the option of thin and thick tip’s makes it a good option for your preference! Maybe it is just practice, but once this runs out, I think I will be going back to my Barry M fave!

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Skinny Thin Felt Eyeliner in Black- £10.00

New Beginnings!

Growing up and going to university is literally all I can think and talk about right now! With exams quickly approaching, I can’t help but be SO excited for all the new adventures and life journeys that I am going to be embarking on! With that being said, I am determined to start living life properly and doing what I want to do compared to what others think is best for me.

One of the first things I am seriously excited (but terrified) about is jumping out of my comfort zone. As I’ve grown older, I’ve started to see the world for what it really is, but forgetting to think about the good things that is intertwined with those negatives. Therefore, I am determined to focus on the positives in all aspects of life, more importantly the world. If you are positive within the world you live in, that can create a happier environment right? Plus, it will allow me to travel alone or with people, and do the things I want with nothing holding me back, (unless I don’t have the money of course!)


Something about life that is going to seriously change this year is I’m going to be leaving school for real this time! I explain in my blog post ‘The Next Step’ about sixth form, but I am finally going to be officially leaving when my last exam is done which is 67 days away! You think that after Year 11 and once you finish your GCSE’s that your life is going to be so much different and you will get treated as an adult! I have to say, it has been nothing like that! It have been stuck in the same environment for 7 years now and I am itching to get out! Once again, even though I’m seriously excited, I am absolutely terrified! But this ties in with me jumping out my comfort zone!

Experiencing new things about the world and myself, as well as meeting new people is another thing I am extremely excited about! I sometimes seem to forget that I am only 17 years old, and that it is absolutely FINE that I haven’t experienced much right now! Everybody takes their own time to grow into the person they’re meant to be and continue to do so throughout the whole of their life, and new experiences help people to grow into the person they were destined to be! I have a whole life in front of me and I feel that this summer and my life after sixth form is where I will begin to experience all the things that I want to!


So although this transition is an extremely big part of my life and there is nothing I can do to slow down this time, all I can do is begin to get prepared for the next stage of the chapter in my life! And I have never been so excited!