Settling Into New Adventures

Nobody said that new chapters were going to be easy. We tend to forget that new adventures are still a part of life. A life where mistakes and sadness is going to happen as well as excitement and the happiest memories you will remember for years to come.

If you have been reading my blog for a while now, you will have followed my journey to university from the application to the first week of my “new adventure”. Well it’s been a few more weeks since I wrote my first post on my experience of university. Have things changed? Hell yes. Have feelings towards university changed? Completely!

In all honesty, I have found adapting to the university life seriously difficult. Alongside starting university, I also managed to get myself a job. I’m not going to sugar coat it, in my second week I was hating it and contemplating whether any of it was for me and what other paths I could go down. My mental health wasn’t too good and I was feeling really low. You’re probably thinking, “but Liv, you’re only in your fourth week. How much could have changed since then?”. So much has changed and for the better and I finally think, and hope, I’m beginning to fit in and adapt to the next three years of my life. Managing your time correctly and having a balance between everything helps.

Sometimes expectations aren’t always lived up to and this is what was holding me back. I was so caught up in university not being everything I expected to be, that I wasn’t enjoying what it actually is! University is hard work. The work load is crazy. You get support from lectures and your personal tutor, completely. But you don’t get the support like at college or sixth form. It is completely independent and this is a big change to adapt to! With me, I like to know I’m doing things correctly and didn’t have much confidence in my writing. However, I’m starting to change my mindset on that and I understand I am a good writer and just need guidance here and there!

I’ve learnt how to ask for help in life as well as at university. Sometimes, things get difficult and sometimes, you understand what it is you can do to resolve that difficulty in your life. For me, I was taking too many hours on at my new job. I was soooo worried about asking them to take some hours off that I was working and stressing about not completing my readings for lectures the next day, etc. Then I thought, this is my future that I need to be working towards as well as my mental health. The stress of knowing I wasn’t completing enough work with the tiredness I was feeling was seriously impacting on me so I changed it. It has helped so much!

As I said, I’m approaching week four and things are beginning to get more serious. University is kicking in and the work load is getting higher and higher, yet I’m feeling healthier and better every day which I’m so happy about! That is from making little changes in my life. Instead of trying to please others, I’m focussing on my own mental state and the way I feel.

Sometimes the portrayal of university is that it is easy to settle in and such an amazing experience that I feel the mixed opinions get lost in the freshers experience and the friendships that are made. Of course everybody is different! Yes, I am liking university and I have made some really cool friends! However, you’re not going to feel on top of the world and amazing at every point of this journey, (not just because of the hangover either!)

University is a big adaptation to your life and it can be difficult as is any other big changes in your life! I realised I didn’t like change but it has to happen in order to develop as a person as well as experience life. As I said, we tend to forget that new adventures are still a part of life. The new adventure is going to be difficult just as much as its going to be absolutely amazing!





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