First week of University!

Its finally here!

This week marks the start of my adventure to gaining a degree in Media and Communications. The start of new experiences, new friendships, a new chapter in my life. On the train to university, I couldn’t help but become overwhelmed with how much I was already stepping out of my comfort zone!

For the past 7 years of my life, I have travelled the same journey on the same bus route, with the same people having similar conversations day in and day out. However, on this particular sunny Monday, I was travelling alone with a book, travelling on an 8:07 train on my way to the second biggest city in the UK to begin the first week of my studies. For the whole summer, the idea of travelling alone terrified me and trains were never in question as a means of travel. But for university, it was my only option! Flash forward to today, five days after, I am already planning trips across the country to visit friends and explore new places on my own! Never would I have thought it would be this easy to face an anxious thought and understand that I am truly in control of my choices and life!


I have never had an issue with talking to new people and making new friends, but when there are so many people from across the country in the same room as you, it becomes a completely terrifying activity to introduce yourself! Nevertheless, I have managed to get through the week without completely making an ass out of myself and showing myself up!

Since I’m commuting to university, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get the same experience as others that live on campus! Meeting new room-mates and creating a friendship group as soon as you get there, that sort of thing was much easier if you’re sharing a flat together! Even though I’m not in that positon, I went to one of the Freshers events with my best friend Ellie (love you gurl!) and we had THE best time ever! It was super fun and if you don’t drink too much, pretty cheap as well! We’re going to another on Monday and I am SOOO excited for it!


Finally, even though I have lived near Birmingham all my life and travelled there a few times, I never realised how much I was actually missing out on and how little I had explored! The only times I usually went to Birmingham was to go to gigs and meet up with friends; therefore, I had never explored Digbeth and The Custard Factory. However, with the welcome week task that we had, I managed to see sites that I had never seen before! I’ll include some pictures below and also, here’s a link to the video we made for our task. We didn’t win a prize but hey-ho, we had a great day!

All in all, to sum up the week in one word it would have to be insightful! Its introduced me to what times to travel and not to get up late after a night out on your second day, oops! It’s allowed me to understand the different types of people outside of the safe four walls in a school building. It’s also made me realise how different the world is outside of everything you’re used to, as well as realising how my choice to go to university and study Media was the best decision I could have made!

I hope you have enjoyed and thank you for reading! xxx

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