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Autumn is my all time favorite season and if you didn’t know that, where have you been?! It’s all over my social media! I am completely obsessed with autumn/fall and can’t wait for summer to be over and done with so all the leaves can start changing colours, Halloween decorations to plaster the walls of shops , for sweet cookie smelling candles to be classified as appropriate for a household and to be cosy while its cold outside! With my hot chocolate by my side and to get in the full swing of autumn, I have decided to do the autumn tag. ENJOY!

Favourite thing about Autumn?
Definitely the comfort of your own home and the warmth of cuddly blankets! I don’t think there’s anything better than walking home at about 4pm and its beginning to get dark, getting your favorite PJ’s on, sticking your favorite film/music on your TV and snuggling up with a warm drink! Also the fashion is AMAZING in autumn due to all of those wooly tights and checkered scarves tucked up in your wardrobe finally making an appearance! Also, who doesn’t love coffee shops in the autumn?!

Favorite drink?
My favorite drink in the Autumn has to be a caramel cappuccino or a hazelnut latte; each from Costa! At home I will usually buy the sachet’s of cappuccino and add caramel syrup or the Cadbury highlight hot chocolates (they’re so cheap and so low in calories and taste AMAZING!)

Favorite scent/candle?
This is such a difficult question! I’d have to say my favorite autumn scent is Yankee Candle’s Strawberry Shortcake, Pain Au Raisin and Salted Caramel! The scent’s that smell like fresh-baked cookies or cakes are always a winner for me!

Favorite lipstick?
My favorite lipstick has to be Smother from Sleek’s range! It is a dark, purple berry colour. I love dark shades in the autumn and its the seasons where my pale skin can be accepted! Dark lipsticks, pale skin = my all time favorite look!

Go to moisturiser?
I love The Righteous Butter from Soap and Glory and the Coconut Body Butter from The Body Shop! My skin gets so dry in the autumn, so I find both of these moisturiser’s so nourishing for both my face and body!

Go to colour for eyes?
Reds, oranges and browns for sure! I usually avoid winged eyeliner in the autumn and stick to heavy shadows and a thin line on the top of my eye lid! This way I’m able to wear dark lipstick without feeling to bold in the daytime!

Favorite music to listen to?
Acoustic, folk and irish music! Even though this is my favorite music throughout the year, I absolutely love the comfort and cosy feel that acoustic can give with emotional lyrics and build up of guitar playing. Most importantly, I love listening to Once the Musical, Fleetwood Mac, Hoizer, Jamie Sloan and Vance Joy!

Favorite outfit to wear?
As I said, I absolutely adore autumn fashion. This is a tricky question! I’d have to go with either a baggy jumper and roll neck with skinny jeans or woolly tights with a dress and a cardigan!

Autumn Treat?
This year, I can already tell that my autumn treat will be buying a new vinyl to make the mood even cosier in my room! I also love buying a new jumper or some new season scented candles!

Favorite place to be?
Once again, I have to pick more than one! I love either being in a coffee shop with a warm hot coffee, a book or my notepad writing new blog ideas or lyrics, OR cosy in my bed writing blog posts and reading!

They are all the questions in this tag!

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I loved writing this. It has truly allowed me to get that autumn feeling and now I want to go and get my checker scarves out!

I am tagging anybody who loves autumn as much as I do!

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