Playlist of the month | August

This is going to be a monthly feature on my blog from now on! As music is one of my main loves, I have decided to each month create a playlist of some of the songs that I am LOVING!

So this month, I am beginning to get a bit tired of summer, or what we had of it here in England, and I am anticipating Autumn so much right now! I just want it to be the season of wearing baggy jumpers, dresses with thick black tights, coming into a warm home when it’s chilly outside and drinking a warm cup of coffee, stepping on crunchy leaves.

That means my pre-autumn vibes are rubbing off in my music choices. I am really digging the acoustic artists right now and how relaxing they are while you’re reading or doing daily tasks!

I’m also loving Irish artists right now, more importantly a singer/songwriter called Dermont Kennedy. He only has three songs on Spotify at the moment, but on his Instagram he is apparently writing and recording new stuff! His song An Evening I Will Never Forget is just breathtakingly beautiful. The raw emotion that he conveys through his voice is something I don’t think I will ever get over!

Of course a playlist wouldn’t be right without a few classics, so in there I have included Fast Car by Tracey Chapman which is one of my all time fave’s, as well as Dreams by Fleetwood Mac! Also, The Kooks, The Courteneers and Joy Division are included because I’m loving the indie vibes right now.

You will notice a song that will make you question, ‘did she mean to include this?’. That is Sucker For Pain from the new Suicide Squad film! I am absolutely obsessed with this film as well as the absolutely awesome album! That soundtrack is completely on point.

Finally, I have included Toothpaste Kisses by The Maccabees. This month, they have announced that they are splitting up, which is seriously so sad! Therefore, I felt it was only right to include their wonderful music in this months playlist to remember how amazing their music is! I can’t wait to see what their solo project’s will bring.

If you want to check out my playlist, click here!

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