Instagram | #1

I’m going to do a weekly review of my Instagram posts because I think its a fun lil way to keep updated on my weeks and for myself to remember what the heck I’ve actually been doing with my life!

This was a night where I was reading the new Harry Potter and The Cursed Child whilst watching Gossip Girl. Now my Saturday nights are free, this is usually how you will find me; reading a book, watching Gossip Girl with a glass of wine right next to me! How exciting for a newly 18 year old, I know!

I took the photo of the Birmingham Library on Friday when I went for a day out with my boyfriend (there will be a blog post!) and yes, it is as amazing as you think it would be! I’m so excited to be able to travel to Birmingham more as of next month when I start university! Its such an amazing city and all just a train ride away!

I cut a messy fringe in! I’m also messing around with my hair and can never decide what to do with it! Last month I had brown/pink hair, this month I have highlights and a full fringe! Who knows what next month could bring!

Once again, another photo from Birmingham! This time it is of Grand Central which is absolutely amazing! I have never been on the top floor and all the food it offers is just amazing! They have sushi bar’s, Vietnamese food stand, and my favorite; BUBBLE TEA STAND! The only issue is, which food choice do you pick first?!

This photo was actually from a blog post that I don’t think I’m going to upload, but it is The Great Gatsby which I’ve just recently purchased! I needed to add a few classics to my book collection. Only issue is I need to find the space to store all of my books now! Oops.

Just an upload of a photo from my previous blog post, July Favorites. A bit of self-promo never hurt anybody!

I went to see Finding Dory finally! My boyfriend treated me to a cinema date and Finding Dory was everything I has wished for and more! Obviously we had to end the day with a Costa whilst keep repeating, ‘Hi, I’m Dory. I suffer from short term memory loss!’.

I did my hair and make-up and was rather proud of it so its just your regular selfie right here!

Once again, this was a photo from a never-going-to-be-posted blog post! I’m so excited to read this book since its going to be made into a film! I better get reading I guess!

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