July Favorites!

July is always particularly a good one for me as its my birthday month! July 2016 has been full of new memories, travelling to new destinations and finding new favorites! In particular, my favorite moments of this month would have to be camping with my boyfriend where we travelled to Brean and Weston Super Mare, my 18th birthday and going to Barmouth! Along the way of this month, I have also found a few other favorites, including makeup, technology, books, tea and other random finds! So lets get right into it!

My first favorite of this month is the Barry M Limited Edition Super Natural eyeshadow palette. I actually had this product for Christmas off my mom, but have only just started using it properly! I absolutely LOVE it! With a mix of matte, shimmery, pale nudes to bold dark’s, its perfect for everyday use! I have found myself particularly loving the shimmery orange and matte brown shade! Using these two shades over my Light Beige Kiko eyeshadow which I will link here, it gives an amazing natural daytime smoky eye! As for the pinks, they are so subtle and pretty and can work great as just a base over the eyelid with mascara, or blended with the brown to give a once again, subtle smoky eye! The best thing about it also, is that Barry M don’t test on animals! Smiles all around from me! -I’m also not sure if Superdrug sell this anymore as this was a Superdrug Limited Edition product!-

This is a strange favorite, but has to be included in this blog post! This month I had to get new glasses as my old ones were too weak! Although I got a case for my glasses from Boots Opticians, I saw this in Home Bargains (which has amazing products and stuff like this for soo cheap!). Although tagged as a sunglasses pouch, I decided they would also work for my glasses and keep them safe! I absolutely love it so much and the design is so cute with the different swimming positions! I think I paid about £1 or £1.99 for this, but either way, COMPLETELY worth it!


A skin care favorite of this month is ASDA’s own range of skin care products, The Skin System. After seeing many bloggers and vloggers recommending foaming face washes, I decided trying some myself! My skin has been so bad this month and I have had such bad breakouts on my chin! So I decided to swap my exfoliating face wash which was rather harsh for my skin, and replaced it with this! After using it for a few weeks I’m absolutely loving it and the feel of my skin after using it! Its such a soft formula and doesn’t feel like you’re ripping a layer of your skin off! I’ve also noticed a dramatic difference in how less oily my skin actually looks! Definitely sticking to foaming face wash from now on!

This is a 2 in 1 favorite since I took the photo of my diary like that! So, starting with the journal, I picked up this cute diary from ASDA in the stationary section (my favorite department!). The design is super cute and summery, with lilies, flamingos and palm leaves. I needed a new academic diary for University in September and decided to get this one. It is divided into times and has a page specifically for a day which I love because I get more space to write about my ventures for a particular busy day!

My second favorite featured in the picture is the app Afterlight. Since becoming more involved in my Instagram and blog, I decided I need to start sticking to a theme on my IG and perhaps make my images look more professional, foccusing on the lighting and brightness etc. And this app was the most recommended app on the AppStore for those sort of things! So I decided to try it out and I’m loving it! With a simplistic design for editing photos and not being complicated like most photography app’s are, it helps me discover what edits are best for each photo I upload which I didn’t know before! On the AppStore I believe this is 79p which isn’t bad at all I don’t think! They also have great themes to take advantage of!

My book favorite of this month is the recent film release and the book that many are speaking about, Me Before You by JoJo Moyes. Now romantic books are never really my thing and when I first started reading this book I was expecting romance from the get go! But I was completely wrong. The book is a whirlwind of emotions! Laughter, tears, sadness and a few more tears! I’m not going to include any spoilers of the book just incase any of you readers are waiting to read it and haven’t yet! But it is absolutely amazing and although I got a bit lost in the middle of it, it soon picks back up and you fall in love with William Traynor whilst getting an insight and view to every characters’ life throughout the book. If you’re looking for an easy read and wanting to get in touch with your emotions, I would completely recommend Me Before You! I’m considering purchasing the sequel to this, After You but I’m not too sure yet! If you have read the next book let me know whether it is worth purchasing or if I should just keep the story as it is!DSCF0141

Another favorite this month was Clippers’ Snore and Peace tea bags. This is the most amazing type of tea to drink just before settling down in to bed, and the smells of lavender mixed with chamomile is beyond relaxing and soothing. I never expected to like this tea because I’m used to your standard green and earl tea. But I surprised myself and absolutely loved it! I got this from ASDA for £2 and will definitely be purchased in the future again!

I have a few music favorites this month! They are Hozier, my new vinyl player and Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist. Firstly, I am loving Hozier’s self-titled album and has been on repeat since the beginning of this month! His voice and sound is so different to anything I have heard in years, and is soothing yet harshly emotional. I have also been listening to his other albums and EP’s and I am now determined to see him in concert whenever he tours! I found out about him obviously when he was in the charts with Take Me To Church, but also on my second music favorite, the Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify. If you don’t have Spotify, the Discover Weekly playlist is a collection of music that is recommended from artists and songs that you have searched. It is amazing for finding new artists for when your current music interest is getting a bit boring!

Finally, as it was my birthday this month, my fantabulous boyfriend and his family got me a vinyl player and The 1975 ‘I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It’ vinyl and I am absolutely loving it! The feeling of playing a record is so different to just putting an iPod into an Aux lead or putting a CD into a CD player. Its difficult to explain, but believe me, it feels so much better to listen to the music and see the record go round! I also have a couple vinyls from a few years ago such as Jimi Hendrix, The Eagles, Deep Purple. So I am occupied for a few months until I can purchase some more!

That is it for this month! I hope you have enjoyed this months favorites! If you have any favorites from this month, let me know in the comments section! I’d love to know some of my readers’ favorites of the months.

Thank you for reading! xxx


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