Summer Yankee Candle Haul!

Summer wouldn’t be summer without a range of wonderful smelling candles from my favorite range, Yankee Candles! Although my household has been an avid Yankee Candle customer since I can remember, I never had my own collection or set in my room; therefore I decided to finally purchase my own candle holder and a set of candles! So lets get straight into it!

I got all of my products on a trip to Barmouth. On the way there, we stopped off in Welshpool at The Old Station. In there was your typical cute little bits and bobs that you may only find on your travels, but whilst looking around I stumbled across a Yankee Candle stand and pretty much bought everything with the 30% price tag! I’m not too sure whether Yankee have a deal on everywhere or whether it was just this store in particular, but in this post I will use the prices off of the website!


To begin with, I decided to get a holder and the votive candles. This means that I get more choice of candles without spending too much! I picked out the Crosshatch Small Pillar Holder which cost £4.99. This particular one has a glass holder with the crosshatch design separately. So whether you can mix and match with similar designs I’m not sure? Either way it was the type that matched the theme of my room the best whilst also giving a bohemian feel!

The candles I bought all came in a house-like packaging which is absolutely adorable! The set comes with 6 candles and has a scent which everybody would love. Some actually remind me of smells I’ve experience in my life but can’t quite recall where! The retail price for the house of candles I shall call it was £10.99, where as I paid £7.69. I also bought an autumn/winter smelling candle called Pain Au Raisin just because it was 30% off and to die for! Originally, it is £1.80.


This specific collection includes:

  • Sicilian Lemon- £1.80
  • Riviera Escape- £1.80
  • Lavender- £1.80
  • Olive & Thyme- £1.80
  • Summer Peach- £1.80
  • Sea Salt & Sage- £1.80

The Sea Salt & Sage scent is most reminiscent to me as it reminds me of my dad’s aftershave that he wore when I was younger! It reminds me of whenever we were going out somewhere special with my family and he would literally put the whole bottle of it on! Particularly my favorites include the Summer Peach, Lavender and Sicilian Lemon!

These specific scents I feel can make you remember times in your life that you may not of remembered before you smell them! They can take you back to a particular time and make you feel all warm and safe! Also there is definitely something for everybody in this collection and within those candle choices, so if you’re just looking to start purchasing Yankee Candles, I’d start with one of these! The candles do smell how the name makes you expect them too!


I do hope you enjoyed this blog post and if you have any particular favorite candle from Yankee Candle, please let me know down in the comments section! I’m really wanting to buy more and find my true favorite scent! I will most likely do another one of these types of blog posts near winter time and Christmas because we all know that is when Yankee Candle are at their prime!
Thank you for reading and the constant support!
Liv xxx


2 thoughts on “Summer Yankee Candle Haul!

  1. Liv, the ‘Christmas Memories’ has a wide selection and is excellent!! It really gives your room that cosy feel! You might be able to find a discount!


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