Ridding of Negative Energy

Since not being at sixth form and being finished with revision, I have found myself in my free time, thinking a lot about the person I am, the type of person I wish to become, and the things that are holding me back. This has bought on numerous memories, remembering past friends and many experiences I have been through which still bring me down whenever I think about them. I know that life is going to be great from this point on, and how the future starts here with university and meeting new people, but I feel that ridding myself of negative energy is the only solution to me fully immersing myself into this new venture of my life! Therefore, I decided to create a blog post of how important it is to see through the past and come out the other-side a much more open minded human being!

To begin with, I have found the main negativity revolving around my life is trying to hold on to past friendships. I always find myself remembering the old times and laughs that I had with my then-friends, and wondering if there was anyway possible that those times could happen again. But then I begin to remind myself of the personality traits those people contained, both good and bad. I would remember arguments and moments in that friendship that made me think ‘do I even want this person in my life anymore?’. The truth is, if I had moments of questioning the friendship and whether I wanted them in my life then, I know that the answer to my wondering whether the friendship could ever happen again is not recommended. Also, I have been living my life perfectly fine, if not better without them involved in my day-to-day travels. I feel you have to just completely rid those people out of your life, even if that means to un-follow them on social media, walking another route to your destination, anything like that! These things take time but I feel that it will be worth it!

Another negativity in my life is caring too much what others think of me and whether I will be accepted the way I am. Now this is down to a confidence issue, but I have my own personal identity within me, my own way of living, opinions, interests, beliefs, I am unique! I should never be afraid of what others think, because I know that there are over 7 billion people on this planet and I know there will be a few of those who will accept the way I am! I already have a number of amazing people in my life who accept the way I was created and I can’t be more thankful and appreciative for them!

I have come a long way from the way I used to be. I am a happier and more optimistic human being. There a just a few little blips in the way of me being completely happy. I need to learn how to accept that the past is the past, and that I am me and should be proud of that. I should learn to change a negative situation into more of a positive no matter how difficult that may be. Don’t get me wrong, I was never on the path of being completely low and giving up, but I have indeed had my moments.

I understand what I need to do to become a happier individual and how to rid myself of this negative energy that constantly revolves any situation where I am alone and have time to think. People will always have a memory of the way you are or the way you used to be. Some of those you will never be able to change, but I am determined to make myself a better memory for people to remember me by. Of the person who I want to be remembered as; caring, loving and kind with a hint of fabulousity and wittiness.

As Goi Nasu once said:

“An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly, the negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you.”


I hope you enjoyed this quick blog post! Thank you for reading! xxx




6 thoughts on “Ridding of Negative Energy

  1. Great post! I remember going through the same sort of emotions when I left sixth form nearly 10 years ago. There’s always going to be blips and bad days in life, but as long as you remember to see the positive I’m sure you’ll be absolutely fine. xx

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  2. I love your blog liv, I’ve been reading for a while. I completely agree with this post, it’s such a huge transition, going from school to being independent, but I think your more than strong enough to come out the other side a better person 🙂 love you lots cupcake❤️

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