The Little Things

I would like to take a little moment to apologise for my lack of posts! Exam season is finally done and after months of revision, rehearsals and stress, I am completely done with sixth form! So I am back and here to stay, doing what I truly enjoy which is writing blog posts, reading books and listening to new music!

Now I have done my explaining, the idea behind this blog post is inspired by youtuber/instagrammer Simply_Kenna. If you’re not sure who she is, I will link her Youtube page and instagram here and here. Her personality and lifestyle is truly inspirational through her beliefs and ideals, not to mention her instagram feed (it is pretty much life-changing how perfect it is!). If you’re interested, check out her sites!

Besides all this, through following her on social media for a while, her posts have made me realise how important it is to focus on the little things in life, as this can be what makes our lives happy! So, I sat down with a pen and paper and jotted down all the little things in life that make me unbelievably happy. I know that these are pretty accurate, as when I was writing them I was getting all excited and giddy about them! Here are my little things in life that create my ultimate happiness!

Early morning walks and bike rides
Whether this be sunny and warm with a slight breeze or a cold, grey and rainy morning, I absolutely adore early morning walks no matter what the season or weather. When the paths and roads are quiet and all you can hear is the birds tweeting from the trees, the crunch of leaves in the autumn from people getting their morning papers, this is when I feel most at ease and feel as if the world is at peace no matter what disruption is occurring in the world. It gives me calming feelings throughout the whole day.

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Drinking alone in a coffee shop
I am a complete people watcher. Watching people go about their daily business’, wondering what their lives are like, whether they are happy, whether its their birthday soon, anything! I will look at a person and think about how they are doing and what they are like. Try it, you see anybody in the street, begin to wonder what their past may have been like, how their future is looking. It makes you feel like its not just you existing in this world and everybody walking around you actually do exist and just like you, have feelings and emotions.

The smell of books
There is just something absolutely magical about the smell of old and new books. The comfort they bring when you’re snuggling into your reading space, ready to explore a world that isn’t your own. Escaping the daily schedule and hustle and bustle that is your life. I sometimes feel that just the smell and feel of a book in your hands can be more calming then actually reading it!


Rain in a conservatory
Now, I am not sure whether you have ever experienced a storm in a glass conservatory, but getting cosy with the TV on, a cup of coffee or tea in your hand with a blanket draping you like a cape is one of the best feelings in the world. It is like experiencing everything that comes with the rain, but being in the comfort of your home and watching the raindrops link together and race each other down the window. The crashing of the rain on the roof getting harder and then softer as the rain slows down is my favorite on rainy days.

Listening to an artist/band for the first time
The feeling of listening to a song and getting halfway through and just thinking ‘this song is actually amazing and will be the theme tune for the rest of my life’ is one of my favorite. After this feeling I usually go ahead and listen to all of their albums, create a Spotify playlist of them and listen to them everyday for three months until I realise I have become slightly obsessed and need to calm down.

Finding ‘that’ quote
Its that one quote that you want tattooed on your entire body and never want to forget. At the moment, I have a few quotes that are like that to me. Currently, my favorite quote is ‘Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience’- Ralph Waldo Emerson. To me, this quote simply means there is no need to rush anything, and that anything meant to be good/perfect (although I believe nothing is perfect), will take its time.

Seeing that one person after ‘one of those days’
Now I don’t intend this to be cheesy, but seeing my boyfriend after a rough day at sixth form was my absolute favorite thing. Seeing his car just gave me a sense of relief and knowledge that everything is going to be okay and everything is only temporary (which indeed it was). In moments of arguments and my silly moods, he would always go along with it and actually put up with me, and its finding those types of people in your life that really makes everything worth it.

Long car journeys
People find it strange that I enjoy sitting in a car or coach for hours, daydreaming out the window, listening to music, but I love the feeling of traveling to an entirely new destination and experience new things. For example, on my trip to Disneyland Paris, I was stuck on a coach for 14 hours, maybe longer, but I could easily do it all over again. My favorite thing to also go alongside long car journeys is travel stations. I love getting a coffee and seeing so many people all in a place going in different directions, across the country and possibly across the world!


So there were my little things in life that create my ultimate happiness! I really recommend trying this, because it will make you realise just how much the little things can impact on your life and make everything that little brighter when you feel like everything is wrong!

Thanks for reading! xxx


3 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. Liv, I love your blog posts, please start a YouTube channel doing stuff about life, vlogs etc. You would be amazing!! Good luck for the future, you will smash it and shine bright! xxxx I will miss you so much!

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    • Oh my gosh thank you sooo much Jack! This is too kind! I am planning on doing vlogs and YouTube stuff in the future! 😊And thank you so much, you too! I’ll miss you loads to! Il make sure to keep in touch!!xxxxx


  2. Liv, I love your blog posts so much! Please start a YouTube channel doing lifestyle videos and vlogs! You would be amazing! Good luck for the future, you will smash it and will shine bright! I will miss you so much and your sass and talent!!! STM has lost a very fantastic person!!! Keep in touch xxxxx

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