Mini Body Shop Haul!

The Body Shop have been a favorite of mine for a number of years due to their amazing fragrances and the fact that they are against Animal Cruelty! I have always swore by their products from their lipstick’s to the shower gels, and always get them for events such as somebody’s birthday or Christmas presents! As it has been a while since I have purchased myself any products from one of my favorite stores, I decided to get some as I have 40% off and thought, why not!

The first product I bought was the Pink Grapefruit perfume and oh my DAMN I am truly in love with this product! Not only does it smell like Spring in a bottle, it stays on for hours and can last a whole day with a simple two squirts on your neck. My favorite kind of perfumes are the one’s where it smells like you’ve been living in a flower patch for months and it is still evident from the way you smell, and this certainly makes me feel like that!

IMG_2983 (2)
Pink Grapefruit Perfume- £8.50

The next product I bought was a first for me and after seeing so many people use them on Youtube and Instagram, I decided to start relatively cheap and try one out! Going for almost the darkest one, the Deep Berry Lip and Cheek Stain is surpassing many of my expectations and I’m actually quite liking it! Although, my issues with it is, when using it on my lips, it takes quite a while to dry and has an AWFUL taste. It is also quite blotchy and there are darker places than others once it has dried, so I have to go over it with a lipstick, making it more of an undercoat? Whether this is normal of all lip stains I’m not too sure, but either way, I will continue to use it for both my cheeks and lips!

IMG_2985 (2)
Deep Berry  Lip and Cheek stain- £12.00

Lip-gloss’s are never usually my thing. I am typically a lipstick person and a bit of sheen from a lipstick is as far as I will really go. But they do usually dry my lips out and so for a change, I decided to purchase the watermelon lip gloss just to put in my bag for school or everyday bag just to apply if I’m not particularly feeling precision and applying a lipstick perfectly (we all have them!). It is very thick and I have been wearing it over my lip stain and it is a great combination and gives a different colour! I’m currently really liking it and may purchase some of the other flavors!

IMG_2986 (2)
Watermelon Lip Gloss- £7.00

After running out of my favorite eyeliner (Barry M’s Liquid Eyeliner), I decided to purchase a new one from another brand. Having 40%, I thought why not, and purchased the Skinny Thin Felt Eyeliner and having the option of the thick or thin tip really troubled me. I’m somebody who likes thick eyeliner when they wear it, and I know you’re thinking ‘then why did you get the thin tip?’. I basically wanted to see if I was able to do thinner lines and how it would look, also I have never used a pen eyeliner. I have used the gel, but I usually prefer the bottles with the screw lid. I still do. I don’t think the pen eyeliner is for me at all and I really struggle to apply it compared. If you enjoy using pen eyeliners, this one is definitely for you and with the option of thin and thick tip’s makes it a good option for your preference! Maybe it is just practice, but once this runs out, I think I will be going back to my Barry M fave!

IMG_2984 (2)
Skinny Thin Felt Eyeliner in Black- £10.00

2 thoughts on “Mini Body Shop Haul!

    • Its literally been my favorite shop since I can remember! The Body Shop’s Body Butters are probably the most moisturizing moisturizers I have used and smell so good all day!


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