New Beginnings!

Growing up and going to university is literally all I can think and talk about right now! With exams quickly approaching, I can’t help but be SO excited for all the new adventures and life journeys that I am going to be embarking on! With that being said, I am determined to start living life properly and doing what I want to do compared to what others think is best for me.

One of the first things I am seriously excited (but terrified) about is jumping out of my comfort zone. As I’ve grown older, I’ve started to see the world for what it really is, but forgetting to think about the good things that is intertwined with those negatives. Therefore, I am determined to focus on the positives in all aspects of life, more importantly the world. If you are positive within the world you live in, that can create a happier environment right? Plus, it will allow me to travel alone or with people, and do the things I want with nothing holding me back, (unless I don’t have the money of course!)


Something about life that is going to seriously change this year is I’m going to be leaving school for real this time! I explain in my blog post ‘The Next Step’ about sixth form, but I am finally going to be officially leaving when my last exam is done which is 67 days away! You think that after Year 11 and once you finish your GCSE’s that your life is going to be so much different and you will get treated as an adult! I have to say, it has been nothing like that! It have been stuck in the same environment for 7 years now and I am itching to get out! Once again, even though I’m seriously excited, I am absolutely terrified! But this ties in with me jumping out my comfort zone!

Experiencing new things about the world and myself, as well as meeting new people is another thing I am extremely excited about! I sometimes seem to forget that I am only 17 years old, and that it is absolutely FINE that I haven’t experienced much right now! Everybody takes their own time to grow into the person they’re meant to be and continue to do so throughout the whole of their life, and new experiences help people to grow into the person they were destined to be! I have a whole life in front of me and I feel that this summer and my life after sixth form is where I will begin to experience all the things that I want to!


So although this transition is an extremely big part of my life and there is nothing I can do to slow down this time, all I can do is begin to get prepared for the next stage of the chapter in my life! And I have never been so excited!


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