February Favourites!

I am soooo sorry it has been so long since my last blog post! Sixth form and work has got so stressful recently! This month has been good in the way I have bought a number of things and getting closer to the things I’m most excited for. It has been a difficult month and a very trying one to say the least but I am still positive towards the future! I also figured that I had enough to cover a favorites tag which I have been watching and reading on the internet since I was probably about 13! Although I still have 2 days left of this short leap year month, I have no more money for my favorites to change, so lets get going!

Favourite Piece of Clothing!

I got this piece quite late in the month when I was out only to buy a hairdryer… but I had to go and have a look in New Look since the new line’s for spring are coming in! This top caught my eye immediately and I just knew I needed to buy it! Having short dark hair and pale skin, I like to emphasize these features considering I can’t do much about it (and don’t particularity want to!). This top does exactly that! With some dark lipstick and black skinny jeans, I can make my features work best and feel rather confident while doing so!

FullSizeRender (3)
New Look- £9.99

Favourite scent!

Smelling like a VS Angel is the closest i’m ever going to get to being one, so I purchased Love Spell! I was surprised to see Victoria Secret body mists and lotions in T J Hughes, but not bothered by it at all! I always go into Victoria Secret while down Birmingham and just look at the sprays and perfumes while glancing back at my empty purse! I’ve looked at the VS website and I can’t see these being sold anymore, so possibly they’re selling them off maybe? But either way, that can’t take away from the smell that this mist has. It smells like a drink I’ve had before but it has the sweetest and most tropical smell ever. With hints of pineapple (from what I smell), peach and cherry blossom, I just want to be on a beach drinking Pina Colada while sunbathing under a palm tree whenever I wear it!


FullSizeRender (1)
T J Hughes- £7.99

Favourite Lip Product! 

Although I have too many lipsticks to count and there is no possible way that I may finish them all, I went on a search for a dark yet nude colour. I went on an online mission and heard good reviews on Little Mix’s lipstick collection. At first I was a bit apprehensive. You know, a girl band brings out lipstick’s and you think its targeted towards the younger teenage scene. How wrong I was!  I went for the shade ‘Jade’ (which I’m guessing Jade wears, obviously) and for £6.00 off eBay, I took the plunge and bought it. I haven’t stopped wearing it since I purchased it! After trying light pink nude colours, they just didn’t work for me and as previously mentioned, dark colours emphasize my small amount of features I kind of want to show. It is a nude purple on my lips and doesn’t feel tacky or drying, complete opposite actually! It is moisturizing and stays on my lips with about two applications throughout the day!

Favourite Fashion Accessory!

When I buy bags, I fail to pick one that will go with pretty much all outfits and will fit a good amount in! That’s where I made sure to not do the same mistake when picking this one out! Once again, I got this on the same trip to New Look and with all the sales in there at the moment, I checked out the bag section and saw they had a sale on the bags. Automatically I picked this bag up and began thinking of all the outfits I could wear with it, the make up, the hair and what I could put in it. Without looking at the price tag, I already knew I had to get this bag and finding out it was on sale for £8.99 I was not going to give it up for anything! The pattern on the front with the plait and tassel’s give it a plain yet interesting look to it, and the colour matches all of my favorite shades to wear!

Favourite book!

After studying Trainspotting for Media Studies and reading an article on the themes it contains, I was really intrigued to go to Waterstones and purchase it! So far I’m a few pages in and I am seriously enjoying it! Although Irvine Welsh has written the language to be pronounced in Scottish, it takes me a while to get into the flow of the book! However, that doesn’t take away from the humour, pain and dream to escape from a number of things that radiates from this book! I am really pleased with this purchase and can’t wait to get further into it!

FullSizeRender (5)
Trainspotting- £8.99


A few other things I have been enjoying this month are Tropical Fruit Coolers from Costa, Orange Is The New Black on Netflix and The 1975!

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post! If I gain enough within the months I may possibly put one of these at the end of every month as I have enjoyed doing this! Next month, I’m excited for two particular things. I have recently booked tickets to see The 1975 and in the same week, I am going to my favorite place in this whole entire world; DISNEYLAND PARIS!

Thank you for reading, liking and following my blog!


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