Therapeutic Colouring for Adults!

When I heard the trend of colouring books for adults coming into fashion, I couldn’t contain my excitement! I saw numerous people on Instagram and Twitter, showing their most recent design and just HAD to get one! Not only are they just a great way to feel nostalgic and experience being a kid again, but they are also a great way to relax after a busy day of work, school or revision and are extremely therapeutic!

The two I picked up from Waterstones include  I Love Colouring and the popular Johanna Basford Enchanted Forest. 

What I enjoy most about them, especially the I Love Colouring one, is the various design patterns they offer from trippy spirals to tree-house’s with pink birds! The only issue is with this is the time passes sooooo quickly! So I recommend settling down with your colouring book AFTER you have finished whatever work it is you have to complete!

They also make great presents for birthdays and Christmas’s! If you know somebody in your family who enjoy’s art or you feel could do with some time out from work, suggest this to them! I got my dad the Lost Ocean one by Johanna Basford and he loves it! They vary in price from the sizes and designs you get! They are also very easy to purchase! From what I’ve heard from other people is they are sold through Amazon, Waterstones and Supermarket branches such as ASDA and Tesco.

So if you’re stuck on ideas for presents, these are a great shout! Or if you just need to find a new way to relax and the suggestion of YOGA really doesn’t appeal, grab yourself a colouring book and get cosy!


I Love Colouring- £5.99

Enchanted Forest- £9.95