Personal Top 5 Attractions at Disneyland Paris!

Disneyland Paris is a place I have been travelling to since I was around 5. Without fail, it was my families holiday destination every year! Still I cannot get over the atmosphere of magic and happiness everywhere, as well as that first moment on your trip where you walk down Main Street USA and take a glimpse of the famous castle.

As a Disney enthusiast, I often class Disneyland Paris as my second home and I can never overcome shedding a few tears on the Eurostar back home! As my trip is quickly approaching (25th March!!!), I felt it was only right to create a post on my top 5 attractions to visit while you’re there, or should I say top things to know before you go! (If you have visited Disneyland Paris before, you will understand that reference from the TV inside the resort’s hotel. If not, I may look a tad strange right now!)

5. Armageddon: les Effets Spéciaux

Located within Walt Disney Studios Parks, this special effects ride is overlooked quite a bit, yet it has become one of my favorites over the years!Armageddon.jpg

Armageddon is an attraction based from the 1998 Walt Disney Studio’s film, and takes a scene from the film and incorporates you as their new actors! If you are familiar with this film, the scene included is where they are on the International Space Station with the Russian astronaut, just as the meteors are flying into the ship and a big explosion occurs. The ride is fantastic whether you have seen the film or not, as the shaking metal floor and the huge fire pit and oil explosion creates the feeling you are actually in outer space experiencing this (minus the space suit!). If you are ever planning a Disney trip, make sure Armageddon is an attraction you visit!

4. Discovery Arcade

If you are CRAZY on lights and beautiful sites and walkways like me, (rather strange I am aware), then Discovery Arcade is a perfect attraction and visit for your Disneyland Paris trip! discovery arcade

Discovery Arcade, located on Main Street USA, is an attraction in which allows you to walk down the strip and gaze into the various decorations displayed within the shop windows. 1920’s America is one of my favorite periods of history from the music, to the musicals, to the fashion! Therefore the entire feel and atmosphere throughout Main Street always captivates me! I particularly enjoy walking through the Discovery Arcade and various walkways after watching Disney Dreams at night! I feel it is the perfect way to end a tiring, yet exciting and thrilling day at the parks!

3. La Galerie de la Belle au Bois Dormant (Sleeping Beauty’s castle)

You are probably surprised as to why I have chosen this as my 3rd top attraction! Unlike other castle’s at other resorts across the globe, Sleeping Beauty’s castle allows you to go inside and explore! Including a dungeon containing the light sleeping dragon ready to eat you up for dinner, to Disney’s ever famous stain glass windows of the famous movie, this attraction sure is one of the highlights to anybody’s trip whether you are on a romantic get away with your significant other, or a family trip!

As well as being able to explore inside the castle, you can also discover the glass shop which displays figurines and statues made entirely out of glass and various diamonds, while also possibly being able to see one created inside the shop! Finally,my favorite part of this attraction is being able to view Fantasyland from a higher perspective and look at the beauty and magic that this resort has to offer.

2. ‘Its A Small World’

From the song referenced within Hercules and The Lion King and possibly more, to the happiest cruise to set sail, Its A Small World is a perfect attraction for literally everybody and anybody!

Its a Small World is a must when on a Disney trip! This ride literally captures me and makes me feel like a little kid again which is how you should feel while at Disneyland! The song will be in your head for the rest of your life, and yes you will annoy absolutely EVERYBODY when you come back from your trip as you will not be able to stop singing it! Apart from that, this ride is one of the highlights of every trip I have taken to Disneyland Paris from the final scene with the extravagant lights and costumes. It is also what this world needs to realise at this moment in time!


On my last trip, I must have gone on this ride about 5 times because it is literally my favorite ride of all time! It was extremely difficult to narrow all my favorite rides down to 5 but this one definitely has the top spot at Disneyland Paris!

Star Tours has become a family favorite within my house, from the waiting in the queue with all of the decoration and themes, as well as feeling you are aboard one of the ships from Star Wars! Knowing that this ride will be closed on my next visit makes me extremely sad, but the thought of the ride becoming even better through refurbishments makes me completely excited at the same time (what a juxtaposition!) Since the release of Force Awakens, my love and adoration for Star Wars has completely flooded back! The merchandise from the gift shop will be too much for my purse to handle, let me tell you that right now!

Narrowing attractions down to 5 was super difficult! Having to exclude rides such as the Pirates of the Caribbean, Phantom Manor, Space Mountain Mission 2 and Big Thunder Mountain wasn’t easy let me say that! These 5 however, leave many memories from years and years and remind me of how amazing my childhood was thanks to Disney!

I hope you have enjoyed this! This has been my first ever blog post so I do hope you have enjoyed it! I know that I have enjoyed creating this as it has made me utterly and completely mad about going soon! 

Thank you for reading!


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