Generic introductory post

Hola! I’m Olivia Jane Lawlor. I live near Birmingham in the UK and this is my blog which will include various posts including beauty, travel, Disney and life experiences!

I am currently studying A-Levels and hope to go to university to study Media and Communication studies. For the future I hope to travel more, create music while exploring the world of what it has to offer!

My interests (to name a few) include Disney, music of all sorts, reading, many types of movies, excluding horror’s, and animals.

The reason in which I decided to create a blog is due to the fact I have been reading blogs for years now and figured, why not give it a shot myself! So here I am giving it a go!

I will also be reinforcing this blog by uploading vlogs onto my Youtube channel, possibly sharing blog posts between the two!

I do hope you enjoy everything you see and if you have any improvements I could make, please let me know!

Thank you!


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